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Boris Celebrates Brexit ‘Independence Day’ Hitting Out at Remainer ‘Prophets of Doom’

Boris Johnson put out a personal message on Twitter celebrating UK “Independence Day”, heralding the “bold new destination” the UK has chosen for itself.

He hit out at the “prophets of doom”, saying Brexit will “pay off hugely”.

Celebrating the seventh anniversary of the EU Referendum, the former Prime Minister said: “Happy Independence Day folks!

“Remember Brexit has already helped deliver all kinds of benefits – from new free trade deals to the fastest vaccine rollout in Europe.

“We are doing things differently – from genomic editing to regulation of financial services.

“We have been able to take a stronger line in foreign policy – from AUKUS to Ukraine.

“We chose a bold new destination for our country and it has paid off and will pay off hugely as time goes on. Don’t listen to the prophets of doom.”

Mr Johnson added: “They said Brexit would lead to mass unemployment.

“They said millions would be thrown out of work. They were ludicrously wrong then and they are wrong now.

“Don’t let them get you down – believe in this country and what it can do.”

Mr Johnson, who campaigned to leave the EU, is seen as one of the architects of Brexit, as he took the UK out of the EU with a deal.

Earlier today it emerged that London mayor Sadiq Khan was banned from flying the EU flag from City Hall on the anniversary of the UK’s exit from the EU.

Officials at City Hall were advised that doing so without advertising consent from Newham council could result in them being prosecuted.

They would have been liable to criminal prosecution under the amended town and country planning (control of advertisements) regulations.

No such consent is required for flying the flag of any country in England, but some flags require consent.

Until 2021 the EU flag had also been among those flags that did not require permission, but the law applying to England was changed after the UK left the EU.

A City Hall source said: “The mayor is proud to fly flags from City Hall – from the Union flag to the Ukraine flag in recent times.

“Flying a flag is a way of showing solidarity, expressing our values, and showing pride in the identities we share.

“With over a million people calling London their home from other European countries it’s extraordinary that the government has effectively banned the European flag being flown without going through a long and bureaucratic planning process.

“Europeans contribute hugely to our social and economic life, and all we wanted to do was show our gratitude with a small gesture for one day of the year.”

Source : Express