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Football Coach Arrested in Spain for Allegedly Sexually Abusing Teenagers 

Police in Spain have arrested a 38-year-old football coach for allegedly sexually abusing teenagers between the aged of 15 and 18 years in Logroño.  

The National Police in Spain have arrested a football coach in Logroño for allegedly sexually abusing several teenagers.  

According to official reports, cited by 20Minutes on Wednesday, May 3, the coach promised the teenagers a great career in football and contacted them through social media or instant messaging applications.  

Officials said that the man then asked the eight victims, identified so far by the police, to send him intimate photographs and arrange personal meetings.  

Eduardo Esteban, the head of the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade said that “The detainee took advantage of his superior status and the desire of minors to be someone in the world of professional sports”.  

He added, “The teenagers feared that they would not be able to achieve their professional goals if they did not respond to the requests by the coach”.  

Local reports state that the man has been working as a coach of a regional team and also as a scout for a team in the first division.  

He was arrested by the police in the town of Ventas Blancas after investigations were started in June 2022.  

“This is a serious case in which minors are involved”, said Beatriz Arraiz, government delegate in La Rioja.  

Arraiz added that “This type of crime should never be silenced and must be reported to give protection to the victims and help so that there are no more”. 

Source : EuroWeeklyNews