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Luis Miguel to give a concert in Peru

Lima, Aug 12 (Prensa Latina) Although some people think he is starving and even aged, Mexican singer Luis Miguel proved that he is still alive and well as tickets for the concert he will give in Peru in February 2024 sold out in minutes.

On Friday, Luis Miguel was faced with such an impressive fan base, and the company that brings him to Lima scheduled a second presentation of the Mexican interpreter who brought the immortal bolero out of the trunk of memories and who returns after four years of a kind of self-exile.

His followers remain firm, although some orthodox do not agree with his daring interpretations, far from the traditional.

For those conservatives, what prevails is the quiet and even whispering bolero, with no more spectacle than the voice in the shadows and, better yet, only with guitars, without lights or choreography, to suffer lost love with more pleasure.

Source : Prensa Latina