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Mulvaney back to red carpets after Peru vacation to ‘feel safe’

Dylan Mulvaney is back in the US and walking the red carpet after a short trip to Peru “to feel safe” after the backlash over a failed marketing campaign for Bud Light led to a massive boycott of the beer brand.

Transgender influencer Mulvaney posed for red-carpet pictures at a Los Angeles film festival for a movie with a transgender director.

The movie was part of the Outfest LGBTQ+ film festival, called “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” at the Orpheum Theatre. However, Mulvaney was not in the movie.

Transgender filmmaker Aitch Alberto directed the movie. This is the first time Outfest opened and closed the festival with transgender filmmakers in its 41-year history.

Mulvaney returned from Peru for a short solo vacation because she did not “feel safe” in America.

This is not the only red carpet Mulvaney has walked since the controversy began. She attended the Them Now Awards, Asteroid City New York premiere, A Transparent Musical opening night, and Are You There God It’s Me, Margaret Los Angeles premiere. 

The massive boycott of Bud Light after their Mulvaney partnership cost Anheuser-Busch (AB) more than US$27 billion and closed several Bud Light bottling plants.

Bud Light’s once dominant position as the bestselling US beer is now over, as Modelo Especial has taken its place.

Mulvaney claimed that AB did not support her when the controversy started and a “slew of hate” came after her.

An AB spokesperson said the company is committed to LGBTQ+ partnerships.

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