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Peru is Promoting a Road Map to Internationalize Mips and Strengthen the Economy in the Pacific Alliance

Lima, (EFE).- The President of Peru, Tina Poluiarte, proposed this Friday a blueprint to increase the competitiveness and internationalization of Micro and Small Businesses (MIBs), as well as the economic empowerment of women. His country assumed the interim presidency of the Pacific Alliance starting this month.

In a ceremony held in Government Palace, Pollarde said he intends to strengthen the economic and trade agenda of the alliance his country has integrated with Colombia, Chile and Mexico.By pointing out the challenges they want to achieve in order to have a “strong” and “protagonist” Pacific Alliance that responds to people’s needs.

The Pacific Alliance is considered the world’s eighth largest economy, bringing together 42% of Latin America and the Caribbean’s GDP, 57% of trade and 45% of flows. Foreign direct investment in the region.

Additionally, From Peru’s pro-tempore presidency, the president pointed outOne of five candidates for associate status will work “with an international program with an emphasis on Singapore’s early entry”.

Likewise, he expressed his interest in promoting cooperation with the alliance’s 73 observer countries and signing a free trade agreement with Korea.

Polwart noted that he would promote “Expansion of access mechanisms for new members, starting with Costa Rica and Ecuador“.

When referring to this country, Peru’s president reiterated his strong condemnation of the assassination of Ecuadorean presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio and said his government would reject it. “Certainly any criminal activity affecting Ecuador’s electoral process.”

On the other hand, Polwart addressed his allies, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, telling them that any initiative has the support of their country, which drives them.A sense of integration to achieve well-being for 223 million citizens of four countries“.

In this regard, he expressed his desire to reach the Pacific Alliance “Strong, alive and protagonist”, it responds to the needs of its citizens and ensures its development “Solid, inclusive and sustainable”.

The ceremony held in Lima was the keynote address The President of the Congress, Alejandro Soto, in the presence of Ministers and Ambassadors of the member countries of the Pacific Allianceas well as Costa Rica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arnoldo Andre Tinoco, and Ecuador’s Minister of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment and Fisheries, Daniel Legarda.

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