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Peru: Judiciary Manages to Repatriate Over US$8 Million from Montesinos Corruption Network

The Peruvian Judicial Branch, through the Asset Forfeiture Subsystem, has achieved for the Peruvian State the repatriation of a Swiss account of Israeli businessman Moshe Rostchild Chassin worth US$8,488,910 —an amount which, added to the interest generated to date, might reach US$10 million.

This important achievement was obtained once the Swiss Confederation had admitted the request for judicial assistance submitted by the Specialized Court for Asset Forfeiture in Lima, with territorial jurisdiction in the judicial districts of Lima, Southern Lima, Cañete, and Ica. It is led by Judge Eduardo Torres Vera.

In the letter CH-303 Berne, FOJ / BJ-00414438/ P007, issued by the Swiss Confederation, the completion of execution of the asset forfeiture sentence against Moshe Rostchild Chassin is mentioned. It means that the Peruvian State is allowed to repatriate his account.

This measure is deemed as momentous for the Asset Forfeiture Subsystem since assets are recovered without the need for a criminal sentence or liability tria—as is the case of Moshe Rothschild Chassin, who has not been imposed a sentence. He is an absent defendant.

The Israeli businessman is being investigated by Peruvian justice over illegal commissions received for the various acquisitions by the Armed and Police Forces —including the acquisition of 36 warplanes for the Peruvian Air Force (18 MiG-29 and Sukhoi Su-25). 

Said procurement had involved the Peruvian State and the Government of Belarus.

About Vladimiro Montesinos

Vladimiro Montesinos is serving time in prison for various crimes committed during the time he served as advisor to Alberto Fujimori‘s Government (1990-2000).

The accumulation of condemnatory sentences against the formal presidential advisor will see him spending more than 30 years in prison.

The former head of the country’s Intelligence Service has been deprived of liberty since 2001, after he was captured in Venezuela and returned to Peru. 

Corruption of officials, conspiracy, enforced disappearance, aggravated homicide, money laundering, arms trafficking, and usurpation of public office are some of the crimes for which he was sentenced to imprisonment.

Source : Andina