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Peru: Over 200 Colorful Dancing Delegations Greet Cusco on Jubilee Month

With a colorful parade of dancers and allegories, more than 200 delegations from public, private, military, academic, civil organizations, and other institutions on Friday greeted the city of Cusco for its jubilee month.

Thousands of cusqueños (Cusco citizens), cusqueñistas (people who know Cusco’s traditions and customs), and some foreign volunteers formed long lines on Avenida El Sol (Sun Avenue) to access the city’s Hawkaypata (main square), with the aim of saying in unison “Haylli Qosqo!” or “Kausachun Qosqo!” which in English means “Long Live Cusco!”

The main tribute was held at the foot of the Cathedral Basilica —Inca Wiracocha’s former temple— where a platform was built to house municipal and regional authorities who in turn host multiple delegations —some of whom had come from provinces bringing agricultural products.

While delegations paraded to the rhythm of high Andean and Amazonian melodies, Cusco families, as well as domestic and foreign tourists, enjoyed the radiant sun and blue sky. Many of them stayed at the square’s stands and perimeters, where restaurants offer food and drinks to have a good time.

Cusco Mayor Luis Pantoja told Andina news agency that more Cusco citizens feel identified and proud of being born in an ancient land, with plenty of history and culture.

“All of us who are seeking the economic and tourism reactivation should congratulate ourselves. After a while, we, cusqueños (Cusco citizens), have regained the verve that should never have been lost; now, we are having a good time intensely, and we should feel quite proud,” he expressed.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Company for Celebrations and Promotion of Cusco (Emufec) maintained order by placing flags around the main square’s perimeter, so that there could be no overflows which might endanger the integrity of locals and visitors.

Another group of workers from this State-run company sped up the passage of delegations because, many times, the parade ends at dawn the next day.

Source : Andina