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Peru police force gets new data center

Expected to help fight crime by improving information processing

The Peruvian National Police (PNP) has a new data center.

Reportedly for the Intelligence Directorate (Dirin), the data center will help the PNP to fight organized crime and promote its work doing so.

The facility, which has been valued at over 13 million soles ($3.45m), was inaugurated by Minister of the Interior, Vincente Romero. Funding was provided through the Executing Unit 037 Peru Seguro 2025. The location and capacity of the facility have not been shared.

“With this platform, we will be able to dismantle criminal organizations and gangs, as well as prevent crimes. Today, without a doubt, marks an important milestone. The optimal collection and analysis of information will help us to improve the forcefulness of police actions, and allows us to continue growing as an institution,” said Romero.

Though the location wasn’t shared, DIRIN has been awarded a TIA-942 certificate for a data center in the capital city, Lima.

The data center will improve recovery from computer problems and provide ‘continuity of services’ that produce intelligence for addressing crime. The PNP’s primary objective is to target organized gangs, hit men, and predatory crimes such as extortion.

The PNP states that the construction and implementation of the data center comply with international design and construction standards.

Elsewhere in Peru, Chilean company GTD has sold a stake in its data center unit to Macquarie Capital, including a data center in Peru. The GTD subsidiary is also planning to build facilities in Peru’s Lurín and Colombia’s Barranquilla as part of a five-year, $600 million investment plan.

In January of this year, Amazon Web Services launched a Local Zone in Lima, Peru.

Source: Data Center Dynamics