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Peru Tenders Road, Preps Hospital P3s

Winners for latest transmission line bundles also revealed as country continues P3 push

Peru’s infrastructure investment agency ProInversion has tendered the Longitudinal de la Sierra Tranche 4 road project as a P3 scheme.

Seeking an approximate investment of US$970m, the megaproject consists of the concession of 955km connecting the regions of Junín, Huancavelica, Ayacucho, Apurímac and Ica.

Following a market engagement event, the agency is seeking interested companies and investors to submit prequalification documents by November 20, 2023. The concession will run for 25 years.

Meanwhile, Chile’s Ministry of Health has formalized the assignment to ProInversion to design the new management contract for operation and maintenance of the National Institute of Health of the Child of San Borja (INSNSB).

The assignment will look to establish a concession to follow on from the current contract, which is due to expire in 2025. That contract has run for 10 years, but the new one will seek parties to run the contract for 20 years.

It will allow maintaining operational efficiencies for the benefit of users and patients.

ProInversion also recently awarded five electricity projects under two bundled contracts. Interconexion Electrica Saesp won the Group 1 bundle consisting of the 500 kV San José – Yarabamba link, extensions and associated substations; ITC Link 220 kV Piura Nueva – Colán , extensions and associated substations; and ITC Link 220 kV Belaunde Terry – Tarapoto Norte (2 circuits), extensions and associated substations.

Alupar Inversiones Peru was awarded the Group 2 bundle, consisting of the ITC SE Lambayeque Norte 220 kV with sectioning of the TL 220 kV Chiclayo Oeste – La Niña/Felam , extensions and associated substations; and the 220/60/22.9 kV Piura Este Substation: SE Piura Este 220/60/22.9 kV and connection of existing 60 Kv lines.

Source : Partnership Bulletin