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Peru’s PM: Crime and drug trafficking require prompt response

Supporting the Executive Branch’s request for legislative powersPrime Minister Alberto Otarola on Tuesday indicated that, along with corruption, crime and the lack of citizen security are the most serious problems faced by citizens, which require a prompt response (from the State Peruvian).

“We have witnessed how crime has grown and the culture of fear has been established. This requires a prompt response,” he told Congress’ Constitution Commission members.

In this sense, Otarola announced that a return to historic budgets will take place so that State-run institutions, such as the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (Devida) and the Peruvian National Police, fight drug trafficking.

The Cabinet chief warned that coca crops in Peru have grown exponentially over recent years. Thus, it is necessary to support communities and enhance alternative crops.

The Cabinet head indicated that, from a historic reduction to 40,000 hectares registered in 2015, coca crops have climbed to 95,000 hectares, which —he warned— is worrying since 90% of said crops end up in drug trafficking activities.

“The trend will be reversed thanks to the commitment by President Boluarte’s Government,” he expressed.

Otarola took the opportunity at Parliament to request that this branch of government investigate coca crops growth, as it is a cross-cutting issue.

Citizen security

As part of citizen security measures, the prime minister asked for support for the proposal so that warrants remain in force until aggressors, criminals, terrorists, or drug traffickers are captured.

“We do not want any more robberies, and we will legislate for that purpose,” he stated.

The government official also requested support for the proposal to enable a large emergency operations center, which would unite the 105 and 911 hotline services. Said center will articulate the police with municipalities.

Moreover, he underscored that greater controls are proposed for the public transportation service, as well as applications for the supervision of criminal records, current driving licenses, and driver qualification.

Source : Andina