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President Boluarte Reaffirms Government’s Commitment to Peruvian Industry

The President of the Republic Dina Boluarte reaffirmed her administration’s commitment to the domestic industry, so that this sector continues to invest in Peru, and called for building development in a unified manner.

During a commemorative ceremony for National Industry Day, the Head of State indicated that tranquility and peace are key to fulfilling this goal, since development can be built on both pyramids.

“I want to reaffirm before you my administration’s commitment to this domestic industry; we want you to continue investing in Peru, because we are convinced that this will be essential for improving income (levels) and opportunities for our citizens,” she expressed.

The top official indicated that, in order to boost the transformation of the industrial ecosystem and take advantage of opportunities, the Coalition for a Circular Manufacturing Economy in Peru was launched through the Ministry of Production.

“This measure adds to the approval of the roadmap towards a circular economy in the industrial sector, which was the first instrument of its kind at the national level,” she affirmed.

The president explained that the current linear economic model, based on extracting, producing, consuming, and discarding, must be replaced “by the circular model based on the creation of added value by extending the life cycle of products; this way, we will protect our planet.”

Moreover, she recalled the presentation of the report on her administration’s performance over six months in office, specifying that the economy has started to recover, since “the country is making up for lost time.” Besides, “inefficiency and paralysis” are being left behind.

“I call on everyone to continue building our future, with the hope that we can achieve it; to this end, we are affirming stability with a strengthened democracy. Peru expects from all of us, and we owe ourselves to Peru,” she added.

This event was held at the headquarters of the National Society of Industries (SNI) in the Peruvian capital, Lima, on Friday night.

Source : ANDINA