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The Australian Prime Minister Will Meet With Biden in Washington in October

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will meet US President Joe Biden in Washington in late October, Canberra said on Thursday.

The US has recently sought to strengthen relations with Australia as part of a broader strategy to counter China’s actions in the Asia-Pacific region.

The meeting between Mr. Albanese and Mr. Biden will follow Washington’s recent diplomatic tour of the Pacific region, where top US officials showed their support in Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand.

“My visit is an important opportunity to discuss our ambitious climate and clean energy transition and our shared goal of building a strong, secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific region,” the Australian prime minister said in a statement, which uses the term allies to describe the Asia-Pacific region.

Mr Biden was due to visit Australia in May, but his trip was canceled after a domestic political row over the US debt ceiling.

Albanese’s visit on October 23-26 is expected to focus on discussions on the important AUKUS security pact, in which the United Kingdom is also participating. AUKUS is a pact between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States which, among other things, provides Canberra with nuclear submarines.

“This visit will underscore the deep and enduring alliance between the United States and Australia and the shared commitment of both countries to support an open, stable and prosperous Pacific region,” the White House said in a statement. 

The Pentagon recently unveiled plans to continue testing hypersonic missiles and other precision weapons in Australia.

Washington has also pledged to help Australia build a domestic missile manufacturing industry and expand military rotations at the country’s northern bases.

Source : tv3.it