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Two Ghost Ships Washed Ashore Mysteriously On A Tourist Beach In Peru

Within two months of one other, two mystery ships washed ashore on a tourist beach. The first vessel, a barge called “Guerrero,” was anchored off Peru’s San Lorenzo Island when it went missing in October. Two days later, the ship washed up on Peru’s west coast near Ventanilla Beach.

Surprisingly, a tugboat named “Quan Tum” later surfaced on the same shore, thought to have been employed in the recovery of “Guerrero” when it encountered a technical glitch.

With nearly 600 gallons of petroleum on board, environmentalists are concerned about a probable spill.

In reaction, the environment crimes office, the regional government, and the Ministry of the Environment ordered that the vessels be removed to avoid pollution crimes.

Due to their refusal to do so, the Port of Callao’s director lodged a case with the Specialised Prosecutor’s Office on Environmental Matters on November 30.

A spokesman for the port said that the best option would be to get rid of them, which could be accomplished via land or sea, but both would be pretty expensive.

The “Guerrero” vessel has become an attraction for visitors among locals in the two months since it emerged on the shore, raising concerns about public safety. Residents are reportedly rushing to the location to climb aboard the rusty warship.

Source : Marine Insight