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Vibrant South America: 10 Most Colorful Towns In Peru

Admire the beauty of Peru’s most colorful towns, their unique history, and famous attractions worth seeing for travelers visiting the country.

When it comes to looking for beautiful towns to visit around the world, tourists must definitely add the most colorful towns in Peru to the list. This Southern American country is rich with natural wonders, Instagrammable landscapes, ancient roots, and memorable adventures for any traveler looking for a unique getaway.

Peru features tranquil yet vibrant towns in local neighborhoods that commemorate the country’s long-gone civilizations and are surrounded by enormous lakes, staggering mountains, cloud forests, rivers, and canyons. Some famous tourist destinations include Machu Picchu, the Rainbow Mountains, Laguna Paron in Caraz, and Laguna Humantay in Cusco.

Take a trip to Peru for 10 days (or more if desired) and visit the country’s vibrant towns, rich culture and heritage, from colonial architecture to grand churches and massive town squares packed with boutiques and restaurants. These are some of the best towns in Peru to visit.

10. Chimbote

Catedral de Chimbote in Peru

Planning a trip to Peru? Don’t forget to include Chimbote on the Peruvian coast, which is the source of about 75% of the country’s fish cultivation. What started as a small fisherman’s village now has a population of more than 400,000.

Visitors love admiring breathtaking ocean views in Chimbote, including a colorful mixture of blue to green horizons because of the mountains reflecting off the sea. The climate also features comfortable and cool winds because of the Humboldt Current, a cold water current flowing north from Antarctica.

  • Tourists can catch more cheerful and colorful neighborhood views in the central plaza.
  • A visit to Malecón, Chimbote features beautiful sunset views and fishing boats going back to the harbor.

9. Ollantaytambo


Ollantaytambo Inca ruins in Ollantaytambo town, Peru

Tourists who want to get a feel of the traditional Andean roots must visit Ollantaytambo, a fascinating historical site near Cusco City. This small town in the Sacred Valley features locals wearing colorful alpaca wool, walking around or weaving.

Ollantaytambo is one of the most beautiful towns in Peru to visit, and it’s filled with well-preserved Inca ruins, cobblestone streets, traditional adobe houses, and a busy town market where tourists can buy local food and handicrafts.

  • Tourists can ride the bus or call a taxi in Cusco to reach Ollantaytambo.
  • Local guides are everywhere in the town for travelers who want to experience informational tours to learn about Ollantaymbo’s mysteries.

8. Tarma

View of the city of Tarma in Peru

Tarma, a small town in the Andes Mountains, is one of the hidden gems of Peru because of its picturesque landscapes filled with vibrantly-colored flowers and lush greeneries. Tourists should visit the neoclassical Cathedral of Santa Ana de Tarma, located in the central square, and take various photos of the place.

Because the town is located in the Peruvian Highlands, travelers should expect a colder climate and more refreshing city air, with brown mountains surrounding it. Besides colorful views, visitors love the warm welcome from locals despite experiencing difficulty in reaching Tarma because of its high altitudes.

  • Tarma is one of the best towns to visit in Peru for tourists heading to the central Amazon.
  • Houses in the town predominantly feature white plaster walls and red roofs.

7. Urubamba

Urubamba Peru- bridge

Another town in the Sacred Valley is Urubamba, one of the most beautiful Peruvian towns to visit, whose name translates to “flat land of spiders” in Quechua. First-time tourists in Peru are recommended to visit this town because of its moderately high altitude, allowing visitors to get used to the climate and slowly be introduced to the highlands.

Urubamba is also famous for its high-quality ceramic souvenir items for tourists to send home. Workshops on ceramics are also popular in this town, where attendees can learn what makes ceramic goods in Urubamba unique.

  • Urubamba is near famous Incan ruins, ideal for tourists who love to witness historical views in Peru.
  • Tourists can take lots of photos of the famous Mountain Chi’qun.

6. Cajamarca

Catedral de Cajamarca

Another colorful town in Peru’s Highlands is Cajarmaca, surrounded by high mountains and lush grasslands and famous for the Battle of Cajamarca, marking the Inca Empire’s defeat by the Spaniards.

The most famous tourist attraction is the Plaza de Armas, and tourists can book online tours to learn about the location’s history through informative guides. Plaza de Armas has bright green lawns and beautiful gardens surrounded by traditional colonial buildings.

  • Tourists should visit Cajamarca every February during the Carnival to witness festivals, parties, celebrations, and water fights.
  • The Carnival is free, and anyone can join.

5. Pisac

Pisac, Peru

Pisac is one of the most beautiful small towns in Peru, situated in the Sacred Valley; it’s filled with hippies, mystic ex-pats, and Andean people, giving tourists a taste of various traditions and cultures when visiting this place. Tourists can visit this colorful town, a few hours away from Cusco, and check out Pisac Market, a local tourist destination packed with handmade artisan goods in the main plaza.

Another famous attraction is the Archeological Site of Pisac, one of the top historic sites in Peru because of its magical and ancient landscapes.

  • Pisac also holds Virgen de Carmen Festivity every July, a festival commemorating Virgen de Carmen. Activities include dancing, horse race, and costume galore.
  • Tourists can admire various colors and heritage displays that last for days during the festivity.

4. Cusco

Plaza de Armas in Cusco at sunset

Tourists looking for Instagrammable things to do in Peru should visit Cusco, an imperial city in the southwest of the country and one of the top cities in Peru to visit because of its history and cultural expression.

Visitors can see many of the most popular tourist attractions in Peru when visiting Cusco, including the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Rainbow Mountain, and Machu Picchu. This city is also home to the most well-constructed archeological sites in the world, including The Qorikancha Temple and The Main Cathedral in Cusco.

  • Joining group tours is a great way to learn about each attraction’s history and heritage.
  • The Qorikancha Temple is a paid tourist attraction where tourists can discover more about the country’s religion and beliefs.

3. Chinchero

People in Chinchero market, Peru

Chinchero is home to weavers creating colorful and beautiful textiles as artisan goods and souvenirs for tourists and is surrounded by a quaint church and Inca ruins. More famously known as the Rainbow Town, visitors can catch glimpses of beautiful rainbows during the rainy season from January to March.

Sundays are fair days where tourists can flock to Chinchero’s main square and check out local products, handicrafts, and textiles made in ancestral styles.

  • Dyeing textiles is done with natural products with no chemicals.
  • Various stores in the Chinchero market feature products made of baby alpaca wool.

2. Arequipa

Plaza de Armas, Arequipa, Peru

One of the fascinating adventures to experience in Peru is visiting Arequipa and checking out Colca Canyon, the world’s second-deepest canyon. The White City is among the best cities to visit in Peru, as it features exciting activities, museums, traditions, and even volcanoes that tourists should not miss out on to appreciate the country’s unique landscapes and heritage.

Santa Catalina Monastery is a famous attraction next to Colca Canyon, colonial architecture with pink and white ashlar from the Misti and Chachani Volcanoes. Tourists should also visit The Yanahuara Viewpoint, two kilometers from the main square, to catch panoramic views of the entire city.

  • The Santa Catalina Monastery is a paid tourist attraction open daily to the public.
  • The Yanahuara Viewpoint features Pichu Pichu, Misti Volcanoes, and Chachani views.

1. Ayachucho

Ayacucho church at night, Ayacucho, Peru

Tourists who love to get to know about Peru’s religious roots should add Ayachucho to the list of must-visit towns in Peru. Locals from this town are known for being faithful devotees and loving various celebrations and parties.

Ayachucho, the capital of folk art in Peru, has 33 churches to commemorate each year in the life of Jesus Christ. It’s also famous for colorful and traditional arts and crafts, where tourists can purchase handmade artisan goods as souvenir items from local markets.

  • Semana Santa is the perfect time for tourists to catch colorful celebrations.
  • Visitors should visit the famous archaeological site of Vilcashuamán, an Inca military and religious center.

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