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Why Peruvian Cuisine is Taking Thailand by Storm

Peru and Thailand may be separated by almost 20,000 kilometres but their culinary traditions are surprisingly similar. Despite the limited knowledge of South American culture in Thailand, the Embassy of Peru is working diligently to promote the country’s cuisine and create appreciation for its unique flavours amongst Thai gourmets. 

“The embassy has been working closely together with The Food School Bangkok to promote Peruvian food. We are so lucky to have André Nweh, chef de cuisine of Nómada Bangkok helping us to promote our 2 most famous traditional dishes,” Cecilia Galarreta Peru’s ambassador to Thailand enthused. 

Why Peruvian cuisine is taking Thailand by storm

The embassy has enlisted the help of Nómada’s Nweh to bring two famous Peruvian dishes – ceviche and tiradito –to life. These dishes, characterised by their use of coriander, lime, shallots, and chilli, are reminiscent of the popular ingredients found in Thai cuisine.

Chef Nweh, who hails from Peru, even goes so far as to claim that Thailand has the best quality coriander. This common herb is essential for both Thai and Peruvian dishes, adding a fresh and aromatic element to the cuisine.


Ceviche, a dish consisting of raw fish marinated in lime juice, and tiradito, Peruvian sashimi topped with a spicy citrus sauce, can easily be recreated using ingredients found at any fresh market. 
Both dishes share a common base: a marinade made from lime juice, shallots, coriander, garlic, celery, red chilli, salt, and fish broth.

Nweh adds a fragrant twist to the traditional recipe by incorporating yuzu juice, a citrus fruit popular in Japanese cuisine. This adds a tangy profile that complements the dish perfectly. 


In Thailand, a similar flavour can be found in the country’s beloved seafood sauce, which uses fish sauce instead of salt. Not only do these dishes share flavour profiles, but the preparation is also quite similar. 

For both ceviche and tiradito, using the freshest seafood and vegetables is crucial to ensure a juicy, crunchy and sweet experience.

Why Peruvian cuisine is taking Thailand by storm

To give the dishes a Thai twist, the Peruvian-born chef introduces mango to the ceviche and grilled prawns to the tiradito. 

Why Peruvian cuisine is taking Thailand by storm

These additions add a refreshing and unique touch to the traditional recipes. Both dishes are light and flavourful yet mouthwatering and packed with vitamin C, making them ideal as an appetiser or main course. And, of course, they pair perfectly with Pisco, Peru’s national spirit, which adds a touch of Latin-inspired energy to any gathering.

Why Peruvian cuisine is taking Thailand by storm

Through this collaboration, Peruvian cuisine is becoming more accessible and appreciated in Thailand. These shared flavours and culinary traditions bring the two cultures closer together, proving that food can truly be a universal language.

Source : The Nation