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Peru: Coastal Regions’ Agricultural Exports Up 8.8% as of April 2023

Increased investments in the agricultural sector made it possible for coastal regions’ agricultural exports to register an 8.8% growth to US$2.358 billion at the end of the first four-month period of 2023, compared to the same period last year, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) reported on Sunday.

In this regard, the Mincetur’s head, Juan Carlos Mathews, commented that despite the climatic conditions observed in the first months of the year, coastal agro-exports continued to grow.

The main sources of said exports were the regions of Lambayeque (16.6%), Ancash (14.5%), and Ica (12.1%).

“Coastal agro-exports have witnessed a significant increase. Our products are attaining an increasingly important position in major international markets, which allows our country to remain among the main fruit suppliers in the world, as well as the world’s leading exporters of grapes and blueberries,” he pointed out.

Coastal regions’ grape exports, according to the latest monthly Regional Trade report prepared by Mincetur, amounted to US$682 million (22.3%) at the end of the first four-month period of the year.

The minister noted that grapes are the main agro-export product in Ica (accounting for 42.8% of agro-exports) and Piura (45.7%), two of the main agro-export regions in the country.


Likewise, exports of blueberries from coastal regions totaled US$154 million between January and April, up 15.8% over the same period in the previous year.

Mathews remarked that Lambayeque is the region with the most noticeable increase in terms of blueberry sales (152.4%), totaling US$41 million.


According to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Peru’s northern regions also stood out for their avocado exports.

The government official stated that costal regions’ avocado exports totaled US$259 million (40.3%) in the aforementioned period. The highest sales were reported in Lambayeque, (US$61 million; 38.5%) and La Libertad, (US$25 million; 56.1%).

Source : Andina