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Peru Congratulates Slovenia on 32nd Anniversary of Independence

The Peruvian Government, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Sunday congratulated the Republic of Slovenia on the 32nd anniversary of its independence.

Via Twitter, the government agency to expressed Peru’s congratulations to the people and Government of Slovenia as they celebrate their Independence Day this June 25.

In the same post, the Government of Peru expressed hope for the prosperity of Slovenians.

Likewise, Peru reaffirmed its willingness to strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation between both countries.

Statehood Day

Statehood Day, which is a work-free day, commemorates the events of 32 years ago, when on 25 June 1991, after several years of struggle, the then Slovenian Assembly adopted the key documents for the secession of Slovenia from the then Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) and the establishment of the independent state of Slovenia – the Basic Constitutional Charter on the Sovereignty and Independence of the Republic of Slovenia, the constitutional act for its implementation, and the Declaration of Independence.

Slovenia ceremoniously proclaimed its sovereignty and independence on 26 June 1991, the day after the adoption of the key documents, at Trg Republike in Ljubljana, 

On said day, among other things, the flag of the former Socialist Republic of Slovenia was replaced by the flag of the newly created state of Slovenia on the flagpole in front of the National Assembly.

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